👨‍💻 UXGrant.com

Hello Young World

I've been tinkering away for a few months, creating multiple versions of this site in everything from Sketch to Node.js static site generators - none seemed to stick.

I finally had a bit of a "fuck it, we'll do it live" moment - so this will become an evolving site as I build and design it live, evolving it as my needs for the project change.

I went back to PHP (it's what my friend taught me in high school) and began to build this site from the from the ground up to be exactly what I needed.

But I didn't just build it for the good of my health, I've been itching to build new online products. So re-learning some basic PHP concepts and finally getting full control of my server should allow me to build the things I want to be creating myself.

In the coming months I'll hopefully be releasing a few side projects that I've been working on, some are already out there but they are far from polished. As well as blogging a little more sharing what I learn - just like the good ol' days.

If you find any bugs or want to give me some feedback on anything you see, hit me up on twitter for now: @UXGrant (I'll get to building the contact page soon).