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Learning Icon Design

When it comes to using icons I'd normally choose the best icon set that matches that project or I'd rely on other designers to help out when I couldn't create something more complex myself.

I've decided to change that and learn to design my own icons. More specifically learn to design my own icon sets that will work well together.

So I got to it. I bought a subscription to Adobe Illustrator CC and signed up to a free course from @mds that he recently launched called IntroToIcons.com.

The course was super simple to follow along and acts as a great ice breaker to Illustrator (it's been a while since I've used any Adobe products). The course mainly focuses on teaching you some simple icon design best practices and useful techniques.

After spending around an hour following along, this is what I created:

Simple line icon set that I created after following along with IntroToIcons.com

The next steps for me are to spend a few hours every week working on new icons and exploring some different styles.

I'll post frequent updates over on my dribbble account - so make sure you follow along 🙌