Senior Product Designer at Deliveroo in London, UK

Joining the experience team in September 2019, I get to work with a awesome cross functional team to focus on the biggest challenges hungry people using our apps and websites face each day.

What my day-to-day looks like

No two days are the same.

Deliveroo is a fast paced startup, with new challenges and needs coming up all the time. One day I might be working on some research for some vision work, the next I might be designing a "white label" version of deliveroo to power delivery for partners like Nandos.

I joined Deliveroo, as a fan of their visual design strategy and excited by a smaller fast-growing company (coming from a team of over 200 designers at, in September 2019. Straight away I got to know the team, managed to join a few user research sessions and tackle some of the biggest challenges consumers had when using our app.

Deliveroo is evolving and growing every day, especially during these COVID times with peoples needs changing every day. If this sounds likes somethign that interests you we're hiring.