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Designer & maker of things

I'm Grant McAllister - I'm a designer (and a "i-know-enough-to-get-by" Developer), I build digital products that aim to solve peoples problems or help them do something easier.

Originally from Scotland, I'm currently working as a Senior Designer at Booking.com in Amsterdam.

I aim to share what I think is interesting as well as house side projects or products that I've had the pleasure of working on. If you want to know more or even just say hello then feel free to reach out to me.

Enjoy what you read and have a great day 👋


I want to update the emoji that currently exists on the site to appreciate posts, it was never meant to be so boring or bad but I just needed to sit down and figure out how to write the JavaScript to make what I actually wanted.


While I'm commuting to and from the office or walking to do a food shop - I'll probably have some podcast playing in my ear. They either teach me something I would never have thought about learning before or tell me a different perspective of something I thought I understood.

Nunna Notebooks

I'm a sucker for stationary and when I saw one of my friends had picked up a Nuuna notebook I knew I would have to check them out. So I picked up a couple to try over the next few months.

Learning Icon Design

When it comes to using icons I normally would choose the best icon set that matches that project or when I'm working with other designers I would rely on other designers to help me if I couldn't do it myself.

I've decided to change that and learn to design my own icons, and more specifically learn to design my own icon sets...


Recently, I've been finding some amazing radio live streams and long music mixes on YouTube that I find perfect to listen to as I'm designing, coding or generally working away on my laptop.

My only issue has been finding the ones I love, I could use a YouTube playlist but I can never seem to keep them up to date or find them on the site.

Hello Young World

I've been tinkering away for a few months, creating multiple versions of this site in everything from Sketch to Node.js static site generators - none seemed to stick.

I finally had a bit of a "fuck it, we'll do it live" moment - so this will become an evolving site as I build and design it live, evolving it as my needs for the project change.